Effortlessly Elegant Plan-Ahead Brunch Ideas

How to plan and host a party you can enjoy alongside your guests.


The sign of a good party is when everyone—including the host—has fun. Our plan-ahead brunch ideas will help you create an effortlessly elegant spread that you can enjoy right alongside your guests.

Weekend Prior | Plan your table and menu

We suggest the cocktail party approach, using your main table for serving food while setting out clusters of chairs and small tables where guests can eat and mingle. Start your menu with a well-crafted cheese board that offers both sweet and savory flavors. And remember this board doubles well as décor—lots of color and textures like a floral arrangement. Let a savory breakfast casserole like this Italian frittata recipe take center stage. Pancakes and waffles with pure maple syrup and fresh berry garnishes will add touch of sweetness to your table. Crispy bacon slices are a timeless favorite with an irrisistable aroma your guests will appreciate the moment they arrive. Round out your meal with fresh pastries from a local bakery. Be sure to stock up on staple coffee, tea, and juice, as well as cocktail essentials for Bloody Marys and Mimosas.

Day Prior | Shop and set your table

Head to your local supermarket to pick up all remaining ingredients. Don’t forget to check your stash of salt, pepper, and sugar. If you are expecting more guests than your china can accommodate, one brunch idea is to pick up an exquisite set of inexpensive melamine tableware. Set your table. Put together your Italian frittata and place it in the refrigerator, then wash your fresh produce.

That Morning | Final preparations

Rise with your local baker and pick up the pastries. Brew coffee and tea, and set out the juices, champagne, and vodka in glass carafes set in bowls of ice so guests can serve themselves. Bake your Italian frittata then sprinkle with freshly shredded Peperoncino® for an added kick. Instead of cooking your bacon on the stovetop, bake it in the oven instead. There’s less mess and no need to stand over the stovetop when your guests are ready to eat. Fire up your skillet and waffle irons for the pancakes and waffles, and keep them warm in a low temperature oven. Assemble your cheese board, taking care to crumble or slice only the first few bites of each cheese. Place your pastries in a lined basket with mildly tangy and spreadable Crescenza-Stracchino and room temperature butter. Place fresh berries for garnishing in small serving bowls. Let the party begin!

A successful brunch is all about advance preparation. You can’t enjoy it while toiling over a stove or mixing drinks. With these plan-ahead brunch ideas, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your own labor and host a party to remember. For more entertaining ideas with La Bottega di BelGioioso cheese, visit us at SavorLaBottega.com.