Savor La Bottega

Traditional Italian cheesemaking methods that have been passed down for five generations are at the foundation of La Bottega di BelGioioso® cheeses. Handmade, hand selected, hand cut and hand packed, this exclusive collection allows you to discover and experience all the goodness BelGioioso has to offer. 

La Bottega di BelGioioso uses only hand selected first quality cheeses to ensure consistency and the best flavor, texture, aroma and authenticity. Each piece of cheese begins with the finest quality fresh local milk and only simple, pure ingredients, expertly crafted together with more than 130 years of cheesemaking tradition. 

Small in size, big in taste, each of these cheeses is a tasty treat unto itself. Whether you prefer the mild and tangy flavor of Crescenza-Stracchino, the sweet, nuttiness of American Grana®, the creamy, earthiness of Cow and Sheep's milk blended Gorgonzola, the sharpness of Provolone Extra or the zesty flavor and aroma of Peperoncino®. Mix and match any of the La Bottega di BelGioioso cheeses to make a sophisticated cheese platter and begin a new vocabulary of your tasting experience.

Savor the charming and enticing flavors of La Bottega cheeses.