Holiday Appetizer Architecture

Snackable, stackable, and skewered hors d’oeuvres that are easy, tasty & chic.

Did you know that "hors d'oeuvres" translates to outside the work? In other words: you can create chic mouthwatering bites with minimal time and effort. It's even easier to dazzle your guests when you choose balanced, quality ingredients with La Bottega di BelGioioso cheeses as a foundation. Here are some of our favorite ideas this season:

Crescenza-Stracchino with Plum and Cracker


Soft, delicate, and tangy Crescenza-Stracchino tastes luscious atop your favorite grain when paired with a delicate sliver of plum. The deep, ruby hue of the plum takes the appearance up a festive notch. If you’re unable to find good fresh plums, a jarred preserve from your local gourmet grocer is a great substitute.

American Grana® with Pesto and Prosciutto Crostini


For truly easy holiday appetizers, you can’t go wrong with crunchy crostini. Fresh prosciutto on a crusty slice of baguette is the perfect visual and flavor backdrop for nutty American Grana, Extra Aged Parmesan. A delicate dollop of pesto adds a festive green trimming and just the right amount of kick to complete this savory serving. 

Provolone Extra Antipasto Skewers


When crafting holiday appetizers, consider the colors of the season—reds, greens, golds. Traditional antipasto offerings dovetail perfectly with this color palette. Start with bite-size cubes of Provolone Extra, and pair them with thin-sliced hard salami and plump olives. Castelvetrano olives add a jolly pop of bright green, and their meatiness helps them grip the skewer to keep the rest of the antipasto in place.

These architecturally simple holiday appetizers are sure to vanish as soon as your guests set eyes on them. For more holiday recipes and entertaining ideas, visit our blog throughout the year for deliciously simple ways to celebrate cheese.

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