4 Must-Have Cheese Accessories

Cheese boards, knives, and other gadgets for your cheese serving collection.


Laced and mottled textures, fragrances running from sweet to loamy, some with gossamer strands of mold, and others held in the cradle of a rind—fine cheeses can open, carry, or close the evening. And with the right cheese accessories, you can elevate them from good to gourmet.

1. Cheese boards
Your guests should know what they’re eating. That’s why one of our favorite cheese accessories is the slate cheese platter for easy and elegant labeling. Try a twist on the traditional, like this rust-red slate cheese board reminiscent of the high-desert sandstone. It includes soapstone instead of chalk for a dust-free presentation.

2. Cheese markers
Cheese markers are another elegant way to label your cheese. While handsome sets pre-etched with the names of common cheese varieties are lovely, they can be limiting. Instead, opt for materials like stainless steel or stone, which you can write on, wipe clean, and reuse – no perfect cursive or fancy calligraphy skills needed. Cheese shines best in a natural, raw, and earthy presentation and pairs well with unfussy handwriting.

3. Cheese knives
Cheese knives are one of the most important cheese accessories. Ever wondered which knife to use for different types of cheeses? For hard cheeses like American Grana®, use a tear-shaped knife, tip first followed by downward force. For soft-ripened cheese, use a hollow-edge blade with evenly spaced indentations that keep the cheese from sticking. For crumbly cheeses like Gorgonzola, use a wide blade with evenly spaced openings that prevent the gorgeous tangles and pocks of mold from sticking. For medium-hard to medium-soft cheeses like Peperoncino®, use a taut wire slicer. And, of course, for soft cheeses like Crescenza-Stracchino, you’ll need a spreading knife. Cheese boards with more than one variety of cheese require a separate knife for each cheese—stick to three or fewer—to preserve the integrity of the individual flavors. Look for cheese knife sets like this combination by Boska for a well-rounded collection.

4. Other cheese gadgets
If you want to raise your cheese board to a new level, there are some lesser-known cheese accessories to consider for your collection. Try a girolle, which has a blade that rotates on a spindle to create delicately curled shavings reminiscent of flower petals. Or get yourself a double-handled cheese knife to handle large cheese wheels, which make for elegantly rustic presentations.

With these must-have cheese accessories in your arsenal, serving and savoring handcrafted artisanal cheeses will feel elegantly simple. Ready to put your new gadgets to good use? Learn how to craft the perfect cheese board here. Buon Appetito!