CreamyGorg, Pepato, Italico....Oh my!

Our family is growing!  La Bottega di BelGioioso© is pleased to welcome three new exclusive cheeses to the line: Pepato, CreamyGorg© and Italico.  As with the other La Bottega di BelGioioso cheeses, each is carefully crafted by one of our Master Cheesemakers. 

Pepato is created when we hand mix whole black peppercorns with our Asiago.  It is perfectly peppered and pairs beautifully with Bordeaux, an APA or even white chocolate.  Shred or shave it onto a roast beef panini or melt it into mashed potatoes for a peppery punch.

CreamyGorg is a soft, spreadable blue veined cheese with an exceptionally earthy flavor.  Our cheesemakers rub each wheel by hand with salt as it ages for 90 days in special caves. CreamyGorg’s tender texture and bold flavor make it the perfect topping for steak or chicken.  Stir it into hot pasta for an instant side dish.  CreamyGorg pairs wonderfully with Barolo, Hard Cider or a Dry Coppa.

Italico is crafted in small batches using extra rich milk gathered each day from our local farmers.  It is washed by hand in salt water brine as it ages for 90 days.  This allows it to bloom and develop a rose colored rind and distinctive earthly flavor.  Pair it with Merlot, Dark Ale or berries. Upgrade your grilled cheese or mac and cheese by adding Italico to your favorite recipe!

Watch for more information on these delightful cheeses in the months to come!

As always, we invite you to #savorlabottega!

The La Bottega di BelGioioso family of cheeses

The La Bottega di BelGioioso family of cheeses