Party Planning for the Big Game

Hosting a Super Bowl Party can be fun and easy if you plan ahead.  Here are a few tips that will ensure both party goers and hosts alike will have a great time regardless of the outcome of the game.

Before sending out your invitations, take a look at the space you have for watching the game.  How many people can you reasonably accommodate?  Don’t forget, it’s o.k. for some people to sit on the floor with blankets and oversized pillows.  Not everyone needs to sink into a cushy recliner.  You may want to consider having a second room nearby with a TV for those who are more into the commercials than the actual game.

Next, plan your menu.  Perhaps you’ll choose to do a menu based on the hometown of each of the teams playing.  Whatever you do, make sure you have a mix of items that will satisfy everyone.  Finger foods that are easy to eat like pizza or grilled cheese bites are always a hit.  It’s also wise to have some heartier fare that can be made ahead like chili or barbecue. Beverage diversity is key.  Your guests will appreciate a selection that includes beer, wine, water and soft drinks.

Set up a buffet off to one side where it won’t block anyone’s view of the TV.  Then, set up a few side tables with some snacks and a cheeseboard with La Bottega di BelGioioso cheeses and accompaniments (list to follow).  Keep lots of napkins available for messy fingers and the inevitable spill!

Clean up can be made simple by using sturdy disposable plates, cups and cutlery.

If you want to add to the excitement of the game, purchase a few prizes for a Super Bowl Pool or Trivia Contest.  Printable grids are available here:  Trivia questions, here:

Here’s what you need to build this perfect La Bottega di BelGioioso board:

4 oz Crescenza

4 oz American Grana – Extra Aged Parmesan

4 oz Gorgonzola – made with Cow and Sheeps Milk

1 oz Hard Salami – sliced thin

1 oz Thin Sliced Prosciutto

Pear Slices





Crusty Italian Bread – cut into slices

Fresh Rosemary or Savory as a garnish


Share your party pics featuring La Bottega di BelGioioso cheeses and tag us #savorlabottega!